Thank you to those who have visited our new website and provided positive feedback and suggestions for further improvements.  The current version represents Stage One of development and didn’t include everything on our wish list due to the large scope involved.  We have a list underway of those things that didn’t make it into Stage One plus additional content based on the feedback we have received so far from those visiting the site.


A key area that is on the agenda for Stage Two is a section for parish/clergy administrative resources.  Such resources were included on the old website and their absence in the new site is only temporary while we review the content and make sure the resources are all up to date and presented in the most effective, easy to find way.

Of course this isn’t the only thing on our Stage Two list, but it has been brought to our attention that this particular functionality is missed.  For parish administrators and clergy looking for a form in the interim, please contact the registry and we will send the required form/s to you directly via email.


If you have any suggestions for what content might make the site more valuable to you, or have noticed any typos that we might have missed, please contact Fiona at  We can’t guarantee all suggested content or functionality will be able to be included but we will certainly consider all suggestions