Welcome to the Anglican Diocese of Wangaratta.
Our Diocese is made up of diverse communities of
faith – communities of all shapes and sizes, linked
by their Christian faith and Anglican identity.
A Welcome Message from the Bishop of Wangaratta The Right Rev’d Clarence E Bester

Welcome to the website for the Anglican Diocese of Wangaratta, Province of Victoria and Anglican Church of Australia. We are proud to be part of the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church – and to engage in collaborative ministry within north-east Victoria and the border region of Albury in New South Wales. The region has often been described as ‘God’s own Country’ and our people as those with a heart for loving, a zest for living and a passion for worship, all enhanced through generous and kind hospitality offered in a country setting.

Our churches and communities are welcoming and affirming of all God’s people, as we strive to exercise a ministry of availability, visibility and presence. Our missional focus is to be the best that we can be in the context of where we serve and to live out Christ’s unconditional love to those we encounter, those with whom we journey and those who are trying to understand their faith.

If you are travelling through north-east Victoria or Albury, or even through Wangaratta where the Bishop’s Registry and Holy Trinity Cathedral are located, please feel free to contact any of our clergy, our Dean or the Bishop for a chat and a cuppa. The same applies should you or your family require any form of ministry, a pastoral visit or spiritual support.

Please feel welcome to visit our website frequently for news updates, our Diocesan magazine, pastoral letters from the Bishop and activities happening within parishes. Do browse through the website menu and get to know more about the Diocese and feel free to tell us more about yourself.

With heartfelt prayers, sincere good wishes and every blessing.

The Right Reverend Clarence E Bester

11th Bishop of the Diocese of Wangaratta




Whether you would like to attend a service in one of our beautiful churches or Cathedral, support our Mission,
or find a place to shop, find out how to get involved here.

Join Our Community

The Diocese of Wangaratta would be nothing without the people that make up our vibrant, welcoming communities and the activities and organisations that bring us together. As well as the parish and church communities,

we work in partnership with Anglicare Victoria and the Anglican Board of Mission, are blessed to have three thriving schools under the auspices of the Anglican Schools Commission, have a range of retirement villages and a number of faith-based groups operating across the Diocese.


The Anglican Diocese of Wangaratta has zero tolerance for abuse. We believe that all people, including children and vulnerable adults, have the right to be respected and valued and to feel emotionally, physically and spiritually safe at all times. We are committed to providing a safe, respectful, welcoming and positive environment for children and adults from all backgrounds. If you have experienced or suspect abuse you can report it to the Director of Professional Standards on 1800 135 246.

The Director of Professional Standards can also be contacted by email enquiries@kooyoora.or.au or by mail at PO Box 329, Canterbury VIC 3126.


The Advocate is the monthly publication for the Diocese of Wangaratta. With Features every month and information on activities and events from across the Diocese, this is a must read for anyone in the Diocese. We welcome submissions and pictures from members of the community. For more information on how to subscribe or contribute, or for the latest and past editions of The Advocate, contact the Registry.


Presidential Address - Synod 2023
Presidential Address - Synod 2022



The Bishop’s Registry provides administrative and support services to the
parishes and the various Diocesan bodies.

Located at
41 Ovens Street, Wangaratta

Mailing Address:
PO Box 457, Wangaratta VIC 3676

Phone: 03 5721 3484

Hours: 9.00am to 5.00pm Mon to Fri


Mrs Julie Torpey

Registrar: registrar@wangaratta-anglican.org.au

and Diocesan Finance Manager: accounts@wangaratta-anglican.org.au

Ms Fiona van Bree

Office Administrator and Assistant Finance Officer: