The Synod of the Church is an assembly of the Church members.

In the Anglican Church of Australia, a Synod is made up of elected lay members from parishes, active clergy in the diocese, and other ‘ex officio’ members. A Diocesan Synod generally meets yearly, and discusses and votes on issues that concern the Church such as finances, issues of administration, policies, and church legislation. A Synod is convened by the Bishop, who presides over the gathering.

Each Synod, the Bishop delivers a President’s Address, also called a Synod Charge, which highlights the significant happenings in the Diocese.


  • Board of Electors (Bishopric) – Six Clergy and Six Laity
  • Board of Nomination (Patronage) – Three Clergy
  • Diocesan Tribunal – Two Clergy and Two Laity
  • General Synod – One Clergy and One Laity