The Council of the Diocese (Bishop in Council) is set up under the ‘Council of the Diocese Act’. Its role is to advise the Bishop in temporal matters and on any other matters such as mission and ministry as the Bishop chooses.

Various enactments of the Synod may require the Bishop to seek the Bishop in Council’s assent before he can act. With effect of 2023 it’s membership will consist of two laity and two clergy elected from Synod and members ex officio.

Members of Bishop in Council


  • The Bishop The Right Reverend Clarence E Bester
  • The Dean The Very Reverend Ken A Goodger
  • The Archdeacon The Ven Neil Hicks
  • The Chancellor The Honourable Justice Clyde E Croft
  • The Advocate  and Chair of Committees Ms Rachel Ellyard
  • The Registrar Mrs Julie Torpey
  • The Treasurer Mr Norman V Kenny


  • The Reverend Matthew Healy – Term ends 2025
  • The Reverend Jerome Francis – Term ends 2025


  • Mrs Imogen Gillespie – Term ends 2025
  • Mrs Rhonda Holden – Term ends 2025


  • The Reverend Mel Clarke – Term ends 2025
  • The Reverend Maryann Leonard – Term ends 2025
  • Mr Mark Carden – Term ends 2025