The ADF (Anglican Community Development Fund) was established over twenty years ago and in that time has enabled parishes to build shops and halls undertake repairs.

How Does the ADF Work?

Individuals and parish groups invest money with the ADF, against which parishes may borrow. The ADF pays a good return to investors and is fee free. Depositors' funds remain at call or available at maturity of term to withdraw. The ADF also pays a 'parish bonus' to the nominated parish or diocesan group. This is in addition to the interest earned by depositors. Parishes, schools, retirement villages can borrow from the ADF for capital works at a rate which is below commercial borrowing rate of banks. The ADF does not charge any fees to lenders or borrowers. The deposits that are not on loan are in professionally managed ethical investments, term deposits and regular bank accounts. All funds are redeemable and guareenteed by the Trustees of the Diocese. Please inquire for rates
For more information contact: Julie Torpey Email Tel: (03) 5721 3484 or you can download an application form here